Your .luna & .lunc name service

Own your username, store an avatar and other profile data, and use it across Terra 2.0 & Terra Classic.

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One name for all of your addresses

No more copying and pasting long addresses. Your LNS name is a NFT that stores your address through which you can receive any cryptocurrency, token, or NFT.

Our roadmap

These are our plans we have for the future.

Edit record or extend the domain
NFT marketplace integration
Customizable NFT token & public page
Wallets integration
Q4 2022
Twitter verification
Q4 2022
Permanent ownership
Q4 2022
Token launch
Q1 2023
Favorites & Subdomains
Q1 2023
Explorers integration
Q1 2023
Integrations API and JS library
Q2 2023


What is LNS for?

LNS is a subscription based tokenized service that enables you to:

1. Have a .luna username and create your on-chain profile

2. A customizable NFT token (Coming soon)

3. A customizable LNS page (Coming soon)

How much is .luna or .lunc domain?

Luna prices 👇

• 5+ character .luna names: 1 LUNA per year.
• 4 character .luna names: 32 LUNA per year.
• 3 character .luna names 128 LUNA per year.

Lunc prices 👇

• 5+ character .lunc names: 4,000 LUNC per year.
• 4 character .lunc names: 100,000 LUNC per year.
• 3 character .lunc names 400,000 LUNC per year.

Is a domain tradable or customizable?

LNS NFT domains will be tradable on major third party platforms. You will be able to adapt the appearance of your NFT to your brand identity by adding your own artwork onto your NFT token.

What chains are supported?

Terra 2.0 and Terra Classic.

How does LNS handle front-running?

The registrar uses two transactions (request and confirm) to register a name. It takes less than 5 minutes to register a name, including a 20 seconds delay between the first and second transactions to prevent front-running.